#вжопуискусство, 2017​

While people are protesting against Fabre at the Hermitage, you are clearly doing something wrong.

There is no artist or exhibition here.

There is just the Museum here.

There is nothing here.

I cannot recall exactly what day it was. I just remember it was December 2016. We came to an opening of an art exhibition titled WTFIGO by Mari Sokol [Мари Сокол] at MMOMA (Moscow Museum of Modern Art) on Gogolevsky bul'var, knowing, as usual, nothing more than the artist's name and the approximate title of the happening. In the hallway we already notices a couple faces that'd be familiar to as from other venues of the sort. Only this time they were, for some reason, already leaving.

First thing we did was grab the papers with annotations, and everything written in them we liked as much as we did not like anything we saw after that. Neither looking at or speaking of something upsetting is particularly enjoyable, so from there we went straight to Arbat street, still clinging to the same pieces of paper with annotations, as if hoping for salvation.

After having a drink, we began to talk. At that moment in Saint Petersburg people were actively protesting against Jan Fabre's exhibition at Hermitage, and with that backdrop what we just saw in MMOMA seemed almost obscenely inappropriate. It was obvious that not just saying, but doing something was necessary. So I took action and did something. To the very same papers from the exhibition opening and in front of the very same MMOMA on Gogolevsky bul'var.

The photographs presented were published in my personal Instagram account and my community in VK with hashtags #вжопуискусство [fuck art], #марисокол (Mari Sokol), #mmoma, #2017, #wtfigo.